9 signs

Why do we keep taking the same action and expecting different results?

You have sent out application after application but have scant interview requests. Do you look at what you could possibly change?  Or do you continue to send out the same letter, with only slight and rudimentary modifications of company name, contact, date, etc., hoping for a response?

I love the 9 signs of a bad process by human workplace. While this is referenced to process in the workplace, it can be applied to any process such as writing a cover letter and resume:

1. Written in zombie – there is no life to your letter and you are just making statements which string together phases and key words.

2. Defies reality – your application is not grounded in reality. You are making claims that would be good for a job, but not the job you are applying to, for example, you are applying for a job to work at a hospital in an administrative and clinical capacity, yet you are highlighting your laboratory experience and expertise.

3. Arbitrary – you have selected and scattered into a letter random points about yourself which don’t focus on any of the key skills the hiring organization seeks.

4. Slow – your statements are not concise – you take three sentences to say something that could be stated in one.

5. Non-intuitive – you are stating what you know and maybe how you know it, but make no connection as to its importance for the other person.

6. Nebulous – it is not clear why you are applying for this job or why you even think you are a good candidate for the job.  If you don’t know, how will an employer figure it out?

7. Crusty – the tone of the letter can be cocky, over confident, obnoxious, etc.

8. Insulting – not addressing the letter to the right person, organization or referencing the right position

9. So bad people avoid it – any combination of the above can lead to this result.