Your conduct when interacting with others in an organization is a good indication to a prospective employer of your effort and performance while on a job. Here are
a few key things to keep in mind, that can speak volumes more than what you have on your resume or cover letter.
1. Be friendly and pleasant with all who you encounter, through email or in person, prior to the interview and once you arrive at organization location. It is not just the interviewers or potential boss that you have to be at your best with; strive to make a strong memorable impression on all who you interact. (Show them that you can fit in and be part of the team.) Often interviewers will ask for feedback from front desk, HR or other colleagues who crossed your path in the recruitment process.
2. Show up when you say you will be there – there are many opportunities to participate in activities where hiring representatives will be present. Sometime you have to sign up for a spot and if you don’t show up you might think it is no big deal. The impression this makes is not positive and if that incident is what comes to mind when the same person sees your name again, perhaps on a future job application, it is unlikely you will get moved to the interview stage.
3. Just as important is showing up on time!  I had a candidate show up 15 minutes late for an interview and the employer voiced that while he was a wonderful choice for the job and performed well on the interview, she would not hire him because he was late.
4. Meet the deadline. Abiding by job submission deadlines is also a necessary habit to get into. Unless there were technical issues with the organizations application submission interface, submitting a job applicaiton after the deadline is not recommended – especially if meeting tight deadlines is one of the required skills of the job!