This past weekend, I had a chance to take my children to see Raffi in concert. I think I was more excited than them! I grew up listening to Raffi and played his music for my children as well.

From the moment he came out and started singing he sounded the same as how I had heard him before, in concert at school, on records or CDs, on DVDs….and it was great to hear my son comment just on that “He sounds exactly like he does on his songs, he may be older but he hasn’t changed a bit!”

It was wonderful to see how music brought together so many generations – babies, toddlers, children, moms, dads, grandmothers and fathers, all clapped and sang along.  The time passed so quickly and what seemed like a blink of the eye, the 1  hour+ show had come to an end. For that short time, I was a child again, not just a mom sitting with her children singing, clapping and stomping along to the same tune. Nothing elaborate no multimedia background, no backup dancers or character appearances, accompanying band or fancy lightshow; Just Raffi’s voice and him on his guitar….a bunch of bananas and a long list of fan favorites to sing.

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