Well this post comes a bit late, but last month as we prepared for the holidays our city had an ice storm which left many of us with no power or heat for days.   This was a blackout to rival the power outage from the summer of 2003, which happened to be a few days before my wedding.

While there was no electricity, there was the sun til later in the night and the warmth of summer to get us through the two days.  Really in all the wedding planning, the thought never crossed my mind of not having electricity…Happily it all worked out and makes for a great story as my husband and I remember the days before our wedding ceremony and festivities before and after.

So to the ice storm of 2013…..what makes it so much more impactful for many is the fact that it was freezing cold, minimal daylight, and right before the Christmas holidays. We were able to be home with power and heat again on Christmas Eve made the celebrations more special as we gathered with family on Christmas Day. Many people went 5 or 6 days or more in this state.

While it was all a big inconvenience – In all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, or just in life in general – there was no computers, tvs, telephones, no distractions. The whole situation really made us stop and enjoy and appreciate things and people, and perhaps really connect or re-connect with others.