path-of-least-resistance-sign I really can’t say it better than what is stated in this article “The Line of Least Resistance”. While focusing more on psychological than design theory, it outlines  how the power of words and simplicity can influence a the design of a user’s experience and their decision making.

Highlights of the article include:

  • We tend to favour the shortest path to the end goal
  • Words have the power to steer people towards a particular pattern of behavior
  • We can’t predict behavior but there are still common paths of action in the way we work — It’s still safe to assume that if we design an environment in which even the subtlest of details is sympathetic to how we, as humans, work and think, and with the singular purpose of easing the experience, then users will always favor that line of least resistance
  • Interaction processes — regardless of the medium — are a prime example of decision fatigue in action
  • Context is the barrier that makes or breaks a user’s experience.

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