While my course on Visual Design comes to an end, I will not be closing up shop. I plan to continue to post but wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on the course and key things I took from it:

1. Looking at design from a different perspective and perhaps a deeper level beyond just position, colours and aesthetics.

2. Being able to identify elements of design that I am consistently draw to or use when creating pieces on the web, and seeing similarities in designs on various sites.

3. Making linkages between e-learning, design and marketing. I feel this course really brought together many of the areas that I am interested in and work in.

4. Not to stick with a design that is not working. When I began my blog, I actually started out in blogspot and after a while didn’t like how things were working out from a visual perspective.  After playing around with the parameters available in blogspot, I eventually decided to try out wordpress and loved the flexibility that I had in creating my space. It was more of what I had envisioned.

5. An appreciation and understanding for how visual design evolved and the evolution of the web.