Searching for the right words to engage your target audience, or convey information? Perhaps it is not the right words, but the right images you are seeking.

A popular new way of sharing information is through an infographic – which allows people to convey large amounts of information/data in less time that it would take to read through the same information in text paragraphs format.  It makes use of minimal words, relying on colour, font/typeface, imagery, and symbols.

Infographics bring together words and pictures to tell a story. Main elements are colour, font/typeface, imagery, and symbols with minimal use of words.

4 key benefits to this are it:

  • engages readers
  • increases comprehension
  • aids with retention of information
  • improves recall and association

This new phenomenon on the web is also entering books with graphic novel versions being introduced for traditionally text only novels and has allowed for the expansion and engagement of wider audiences.  Graphical resumes are also another area where infographics are popping up. While it is still uncertain of how these are being received by employers, particular industries might be more accepting of these such as creative, design, or artistics roles or positions.

Take a look at the 80 best infographics on the web to see this concept in action:!
(View a few and come back again so you don’t suffer from sensory or information overload!)

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