html start fresh class

This week marked my reaquantance with HTML, while I have been reading and updating code rather than coding from scratch, and using wyswig methods for web design, my course instructor has given me an opportunity to look at HTML in another light.  The first time I learned HTML was about 15 years ago in a Computer course I was taking in university, we had basic codes to write, some programming to produce outputs.

So one of my tasks this week was to create an HTML coded page.

My reacquaintance with HTML and expansion to learning more about style sheets was an interesting adventure. I now understand cascading style sheets and their ability to make a designers life easier.

I still prefer using Dreamweaver or some other design program to do the base/framework of my web design, but is this just because I was ignorant to this whole new world of possibilities? Now I am not saying that if I have to create a web page I will open up my notepad and begin typing but I do have a new appreciation.  A renewed appreciation for the programmers who have made my ideas come alive, and for the understanding of the backend and how it all works so I don’t mess up a page when I go in to tinker with the coding!

I also wanted to share these html coding cards I discovered at, the source for my image used in this post.