Holidays can be a creative and exciting time for all. I think my love for design and marketing began at an early age when my mom would decorate our front bay window for Halloween and then Christmas. This then expanded into my work where one of my first ‘real’ jobs was putting together display windows for theatre productions and then trade show booth design. While that type of work has moved out of my role as I moved into different jobs, I still carry on the tradition of decoration our windows at home for the holidays – Valentines, Winter Season, Diwali, Halloween, and Christmas.

Getting my children involved is a must for me, whether they help make items that get put up or help decide on where things will go, I hope that this helps develop and nurture their creativity and inner sense of design.

My favourite halloween decorating extravaganza for which I can’t find a picture of at the moment) was where I draped orange, white and black sheer scarves over the porch and driveway lights which blew in the wind and created an errie ghostly feel. A fall wreath with tissue paper ghosts dangling from gold ribbon, black bat cut outs on the front door and windows, a huge spider web with a big balloon black spider coming down a pillar on the front porch, and our window jack-o-lantern looking down from above.  The window jack-o-lantern is simply black bristol board or large cardbord box which can cover the whole window and then you make a cut outs of a jack-o-lantern. You then fill your cut out with tissue paper – I chose yellow so when we turned on the room light in the house when it got dark our window lantern would light up.  Overall I wanted to create a halloween decor that was not gruesome or scary as I had young children who would be scared of these things.  Great thing for kids to use are the window markers or festive window decals. Children can get creative and once the holiday is over you can wipe off or remove their designs until next year.

Another way to channel that creative energy for Halloween is with creating or selecting costumes or with carving pumpkins.The art of carving pumpkins along with these other holiday activiites unwittingly brings together many elements of visual design principles. Many of which we are not aware of as we are doing these things but innately help us develop our creations.

Pumpkin Carvings 2013

Happy Halloween!