Top  “You Said What?” Moments from this month:

Throughout my days I encounter many different people, all interactions which are eye opening in someway.  Here are some situations that stand out for me this month and some lessons:

1. “That is just too much to read”
A job seeker was confused about some of the instructions to visit different websites and conduct research on specific careers. they were interested in.  In trying to help clarify pieces I asked different questions to find out what the person had done so far. After the first 5 mins conversation, the individual went away but came back about an hour later saying he was still confused. This is absolutely fine. It is great to have people ask questions for clarification.

The confusion was still about a particular site and the information featured. I went to the website and started on the main screen where you needed to filter down to conduct a search in order to get the information.  So, I asked, “You have read this explanation on what the site provides and how to conduct the search, so which part is not making sense?”.  The person replies, “well, no,” I asked why, he responded ” That is just too much to read.”

Really! In my shock I asked him to go and read the information and then come back to me with any questions.

Lesson: Read all available information before approaching someone for assistance whether it be a coworker, teacher, supervisor or professor.  Taking time to try to understand the information, instructions and making an attempt at the task before approaching with questions will leave a positive impression versus the alternative of being lazy and looking for others to do your work for you.

2. “I had a brain fart”
Let me just jump right to the conversation. Sid came into my office and said he was really sorry but he missed the time period to sign up for an appointment with someone from our office. Okay, deciding whether to make an exception and permit the appointment to be scheduled now, I inquired what the reason was for missing the sign up period. “Oh, um, I guess I had a brain fart”. he replied.  Now isn’t that a compelling argument!?

Lesson: Sometimes you need to find a better way to say what it is you want to say.  Take time to think about what you are going to say before blurting it out, because once it is out in the open it can’t be taken back.

3. “Oh are you leaving, I have an appointment with you at 1:45.” (this was said as the person arrived at 2:10)

Lesson: Be on time. Better yet be early.  And if you are going to be late call or send a message to let the person know. This little courtesy will  be much appreciated and shows you value the other person’s time.