Last Friday I was involved with organizing  a couple of events for individuals who are currently seeking work and for others who are exploring possible career options. The latter group was taking a tour of a program partner’s business and during this two hour session would receive an inside look at how the business operated and a perspective on the various positions available – volunteer, part time or full time.  Space was limited so only 48 people could go.  That morning we had 4 no-shows, no phone message or email indicating why.

In addition to this event, a number of firms came to conduct mock interviews with job seekers to help them improve their interview skills by providing them feedback on their current performance. Once again, there were a number of candidates who simply did not show up.

What a wonderful impression to leave with a potential future employer!

Really this is not something new that I am describing. Over the years I have seen this happen time and time again.  For appointments that the person booked with me, for activities the individual sign up for themselves. Did the person just forget? Were they sick? lost? hurt?

Isn’t this just common courtesy to be aware of your commitments and show up for them? If you are going to be late or unable to make it – contact the person and let them know?

Are individuals just not aware of the impression their actions, interactions or behaviours display?

Is it too much to ask for someone to respect my time and I too will respect theirs?

(Thanks for taking your time to read this today!)