Our first topic of discussion last week had to do with elements of design – what do you feel are important to have and why?
When designing a web page (or any piece) it is important to know the target audience and the purpose the site will serve. Having a clear idea of this will help tailor the messages and influence the design.
Important elements of design that come to mind for me are:
  • easy and intuitive navigation – this includes a defined space where navigation bar or area is consistent on the site as well as alignment/clear sections that users can always find particular information in
  • colours or images which are in line with the message  you are trying to convey, variation in font and size (but not too many different types and also consistency – same font size and style for headings, body copy etc.), use of colours which are accessible to all users (colour and background contrast combination that is easy to read)
  • incorporating elements that will allow for a interactive and/or customizable experience
  • use of white space – clean and balanced design that is not overcrowded – something that will be inviting and appealing that a visitor will want to stay and look around or come back instead of clicking away because it was too much sensory overload or text or graphics on one page
  • pages which are laid out in a way that it is simple to scan to find information through use of headings and bullets rather than large chunks of text
  • accessible design for all users (text, audio, understandable through use of a screen reader, colours, font sizes etc.)
  • compatiblity for mobile viewing
By including these elements it will help shape content, its positioning/real estate given on the web site, and create a positive user experience.